There are many reasons why people visit Christian websites. You may be someone that’s wondering whether or not your life counts, and for what purpose, maybe you’ve just experienced another broken relationship and wondering, does anyone really care? Or what is love anyway??

Perhaps you are relocating to Bury St Edmunds and are looking for an evangelistic church, where you can realise destiny. Whatever your reasons may be, we have summarised on these pages, who we are, what we are all about and how you can contact us if you want to get involved.

However, this site will be no substitute for experiencing in person, what God is doing at The Potter’s House Christian Church. Hope to see you soon!

Pastor Mark and Lisa Claxton

Finding a good church is important to me because I value the family support it provides, especially when I am away from home country.
I come to church to connect with God, to see God moving for real in people’s lives.
I go to church because the Word of God is alive, and it’s being preached straight from the Bible. It helps me to follow God and my kids love the Sunday School.


MONTHLY Calendar

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